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Steve McLaughlin

General Manager Spokane Operations

Steve McLaughlin is our Radio Sales Manager as well as the Fleet Installation Manager. Steve and his team have completed full vehicle installs as well as serviced existing systems for many agencies around the inland northwest including the National Park Service Law Enforcement Division, Washington State Patrol, City of Wilbur Police Department, Town of Reardan Police Department, Spokane International Airport and many more. Steve has been a police officer part time for over eight years, this experience has afforded him the opportunity to understand the needs of public safety agencies and gives him and his installation team a unique ability to address and meet those needs head on. Steve also understands full well the needs of our industrial and agricultural customers, having grown up on and worked for a large scale wheat operation in south eastern Washington for many years. Steve invites you to contact him with any questions you may have. Whether you manage a fleet of patrol cars, dump trucks or a herd of cattle, Steve can help you with all of your communications and vehicle installation needs.

Phone Number: 
(509) 928-0322
Toll Free Phone Number: 
(800) 537-7047
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Fax Number: 
(509) 928-5583

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